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We believe in changing the status quo, by simplifying the way dropshippers run their operations. It happens our clients have the highest ROI. Wanna try?

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Our mission is simple — We believe in changing

your busin
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    uDroppy aims to become the #1 most trusted DropShippers' partner. At uDroppy we believe that simplicity and efficiency are the key pillars to build a successful E-Commerce business using DropShipping as business model.

    We can supply you all the products you were sourcing from Aliexpress and others till now; providing you fast worldwide shipping with tracking number for all your packages and destinations.

    And you know what? You can manage thousands of orders with just a click. Cost and time savings operations will help you rack in more profits, and moreover, it will help you create a longstanding relationship with your merchant gateways.

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    All our processes are automated. You just have to integrate our platform to your store, and we will care of all the rest.

    Yes, it is that simple!

    No more VAs, no more complicated procedures to explain somebody what to do. Just focus on marketing and sales, we take care of the rest.

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    When advertising costs rise, there are only two solutions to gain more profits.

    • Increase the average customer's cart
    • Increase the number of purchases a customer does in your store. Trivially, increase its CLTV (customer lifetime value).

    To achieve the above goals you must create an amazing user experience. Thanks to uDroppy, you can do it right. We can provide you personalized packaging for your store, fast shipping time and tracking number for all your orders.

    We can also put a coupon code into your packages to invite your customer buy more. Guess why our clients have the highest ROI out there? :)

Shopify App

to integrate your business


Fast Real Delivery

worldwide options


On Demand Products

to give you tomorrow, what we can't today

1 Click Fulfillment

for all your customers' orders

Worldwide Tracking #s

for all your orders

Automatic Detailed Invoicing System

to help you manage your accounting and banking relationships

All The Products

you may want to sell


Dedicated Ecom Manager

to help you grow your business

Offline Branding System

to grow your CLTV, and drop the CPA incidence


White Label Products

to sell under your brand name

Lowest Product Prices

available on the market

Increase The Avg. Cart Value

thanks to the good experience your customers have buying from you

We Take Care Of Your After-Sale

You make sales, we take care of the fulfillment and tracking. Don't be worried about late delivery times or damaged products: that's our speciality.

Wanna grow your margin & profit? uDroppy is your best partner now.

Register & Integrate your store

The registration process is as simple as filling a form. The platform is plug&play. You just have to integrate our app to your Shopify store in a few clicks.

Integrate or Request Products

You can either integrate existing products or ask for new ones. In just three more clicks, these products will be pushed to your store.

Promote, Make Sales

Now it is your turn. Sell the products as you are already doing. Your uDroppy Ecom Manager will help you suggesting the top products to sell.

Fulfill & Manage your order

Now you are making 100s of sales per day. How time wasting would it be to manually fulfill each of them (even with bots)? Just two clicks and you are done, with uDroppy!

We are using uDroppy as Betas, as per today their service has been flawless and really useful.

Mark J. L.
California, US

I am creating a great relationship with my ecom manager. Coming from the Affiliate Marketing industry this was a form of support I was missing in the DS industry.

Gabby V.
Sydney, AU

They just helped me gain back trust with Stripe and Paypal. I am sure uDroppy will play a kew role in scaling my business.

Nicolò Z.
Rome, IT

Thanks to their offline marketing system my customers lifetime value is growing. Isn’t it easy to sell more time to the same customer if he/she had a good experience with us?

Raresh D.
Kolkata, IN

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