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From manufacturers to fulfillment centers around the world. Leverage uDroppy's marketplace to find what you need with a few clicks.

Operations Management

Manage your entire supply-chain pipeline through a simple and intuitive Operations Management Platform (OMP).

Conversion Rates

Leverage Cash-on-Delivery to dramatically increase your conversion rates in certain countries, all from uDroppy's OMP.

Dropshipping is the best way to Start, International Virtual Warehouse is the best way to Optimize

Micro-Stock Management

The more you sell in Dropshipping the better your Supply-Chain Pipeline should be organized. With uDroppy you can create micro-stocks to move across international virtual warehouses.

While Dropshippers can face product shortage if sales volume increase without previous notice, those leveraging Virtual Warehouse never run out-of-stock.

Shipping Time

The closer the products are to the end-buyers, the faster they will get them upon orders.

With Virtual Warehouse is possible to obtain 36/48-hours delivery times in Europe and US.

Returning Customers

The better the experience, the higher the possibility that customer comes back to your store to buy more.

Happy customers are not only returning customers, but also referrers, who can dramatically help you grow your sales.

The Virtual Warehouse feature allow you to be closer to your customers, which translates in better experiences and more sales.

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