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uDroppy empowers entrepreneurs building the next generation of D2C Brands by providing access to an ecosystem of global suppliers.

The Full-Picture

uDroppy is a SaaS enabled Marketplace that connects passionate e-commerce entrepreneurs to the right suppliers depending on where they are in their growth journey.

Starting, optimizing and scaling an e-commerce Brand are the three main stages of an entrepreneur journey, and uDroppy helps during them all as the ultima one-stop solution. Sourcing and prototyping products, fulfilling orders, managing stocks around the globe, shipping orders and managing the entire supply chain pipeline are just a few things entrepreneurs can accomplish using uDroppy.

The company was founded in 2018 by e-commerce and tech industry insiders with the mission to make e-commerce really accessible to everybody. While companies like Shopify and Woocommerce made easy to show and sell what products you have and companies like Facebook and Google give you the ability to acquire customers easily, uDroppy is the missing piece to start, optimize and scale your logistics operations.

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