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Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs, our expertise can help you move faster to your next business goal.

Local Fulfillment

At scale you need local partners for each country where you are selling in. uDroppy helps you find and manage them, through its Marketplace and Operations Management Platform (OMP)

From Product to Brand

Once you see traction, Private Label and deep product customization is the perfect way to scale up your Brand. By differentiating your products from competition you'll create your competitive advantage.

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Most countries outside the US and Canada still rely massively on Cash. If you don't allow customers to pay cash upon order delivery, your are missing out. With uDroppy you can set-up local Cash-on-Delivery in a few clicks.

International Shipping

The faster you go international be stronger your business will be. uDroppy helps you grow borderless.

Save Time

Save time on all the operations and logistics interactions by leveraging a simple console.

It's Not Just About Driving More Sales

Without the right partner setting up and handling your logistics operations your business can't survive the stress of a strong increase in sales.

Brands that scales leverage growth oriented partners

Commoditized Manufacturers

Through our technology we commoditize manufacturers reducing the risk of limited productivity capability.

Once your Brand is ready to scale, our team will help you build an healthy Supply-Chain Pipeline ready to switch factories as soon as maximum productivity capabilities are near to be reached.

Fulfillment Centers

Multiple, international fulfillment centers are needed as soon as you are scaling your Brand to the next level.

You can easily manage multiple locations, moving stocks among them to sustain local demand.

Shipping Carriers

Seasonality and other variables impact carriers shipping rates. With uDroppy we give you both the ability to switch manually or automatically the shipping carriers.

Depending on your goal, shipping time or shipping cost, we give you the right option for the countries you wish to ship to.

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