Social Media Policy

uDroppy is present with official accounts on the main social media networks, namely: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium.
These channels are used to communicate with the external world and are managed by the Marketing Team of uDroppy. Our Team will moderate Social Media on a regular basis.We do our best to answer all the questions we receive through our Facebook page, however due to the ever-increasing demand and the amount of work we are committed to, in order to give you the best possible experience with the platform, you may occasionally experience delays in receiving responses to your inquiries.Here at uDroppy we recognize social media as a relevant tool to share information about the e-commerce sector with the community, providing the our customers with all the tools to do their best. Therefore, we encourage a correct use of these channels for all of our stakeholders.
All the posts, comments, reactions and other content shared by the users on the official social media channels do not correspond to the opinions and values of uDroppy, being the representation of personal opinions and thoughts of individuals.
On our social media pages all the respectful, inspiring and fruitful conversations are welcome. Everyone can express their opinion as long as it is expressed in a polite and respectful way. Any comment or content shared on our platform, that violates the following rules will be promptly removed. We won’t accept comments or content that:
- represent insults, foul language, threats or any other attitude aimed at damaging individuals or community in their right and dignity;
- aim at violate the principles of liberty and equality;
- promote or perpetuate any kind of discrimination (including sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, faith, status, nationality, disability or sexual orientation);
- is related to sexual context;
- is oriented to trade instigation;
- aim at conducting illegal activities;
- menace the public safety;
- violate the interests of third parties;
- violate sensitive data and the Privacy Law. As owner of the channel, uDroppy is free to moderate and modify the content which is:
- off topic;
- aims at influencing political campaigns, elections and other voting events;
- spam;
- repetitive.In any case, uDroppy reserves the right to remove any content considered inappropriate and offensive. Furthermore, when violating the above mentioned rules, the user must be aware that uDroppy can decide to ban or block him/her to prevent further issues. In case of extremely serious violations, uDroppy can decide to report the users to the proper authority that will take the process to further development.
In case the user concerned does not agree with uDroppy’s decision he/she can contact us via email ( stating all the relevant details: name of the account, case history and the reasons he/she thinks make uDroppy’s decision wrong. When provided all the necessary information uDroppy will therefore be able to review the claim making a definite decision.As far as the treatment of your personal data is concerned, please visit the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy & GDPR section above. The Policy describes how we collect, store, use and distribute information about our users through the Services.Social Media is a fundamental tool that allows us to connect with the community and communicate our values, insights and ideas. We thank you for your active participation and for your passion and your valuable input to the community. Your input helps us build the best e-commerce platform on the market and inspires us to give our best in everything we do.