Our Solutions Are Designed For You.

We were aware of the problems of the industry, so we decided to provide effective solutions for our partners.


uDroppy is designed for you, around your needs. We know you need a fast and reliable partner to run your operations smoothly and cost effective. You can perfectly integrate our platform to you Shopify store and dramatically increase your business performances.

Affiliate Networks/Direct Advertisers - DS Offers

Affiliate networks and/or direct advertisers can now take advantage of our platform to develop new branded offers to add to their listings. We will successfully process all of your orders, letting you focus only in getting more traffic to your brands. No risks, just focus on results.

Bulk Orders, For COD Affiliate Offers

Specifically designed for those entrepreneurs and companies which need a big amount of products in their warehouse in order to set up COD (cash on delivery) offers. uDroppy can provide you the products, shipped directly to your warehouse, handling also of the custom fees for you.

Your Business Model Doesn't Matter. We Got You Covered.