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Here's how our selection & onboarding process work.  Are you ready?

If you want to become a uDroppy supplier and start selling thousands of items per months through our incredible merchants, you must apply through the button below and follow our selection process.

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Phase #1

Initial Screening

As simple as it may sound you need to fill the application form you can find by clicking the button below.

The application form is comprised of different sections to fully understand what you do and what you can offer to uDroppy's Merchants. Answer correctly and faithfully to move to the next step.

Once you submit your application form our operations team deeply review it.

Then, the operations team will get in contact with through the details you provided to schedule a video interview. The goal here is to dive deeper on yours and ours business. Consider this like the first date in our relationship.

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Phase #2


If the first date goes well and we are both aligned about what we can do together, a contract will be sent to you.

After reviewing it, you must accept our policies and then send it back to us signed.

At this point a Supplier Success manager will get in contact to you to set-up your account.

While the account is definitive, we won't set you live. The account will be in pending and set-live once training is finished.

We will train you both through tutorial videos and 1-to-1 coaching in order to have you fully understand how we and our platform work.

At this point you will be able to upload or import your catalog into the uDroppy marketplace.

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Phase #3

Supplier Testing

At first, uDroppy will place some random orders (random quantity and products) to different locations. 

The goal here is to understand whether all the procedures and standards are respected.

When uDroppy's orders are completed and the standards are met, we will have you working with some of our selected merchants.

They will start to drive real sales to your products. If everything work smoothly and merchants are satisfied with your services, we'll move you to the next step.

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Phase #4


Congratulations, you made it to the uDroppy Marketplace. Now merchants will find you, import your products and place orders.

The more products you upload, the more merchants will import them into their stores and send you sales.

Now you are live!

Orders start to arrive and you need to fulfill them. Be sure to do your best to deliver the highest quality possible.

Merchants understand fast if your services are worth or not.

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Phase #5

Ongoing verifications

Remember that there are ongoing verification to check whether you are doing well or not.

The first, both manual and automatic, is the check of what you upload inside the platform. The goal here is to be 100% sure you only upload compliant products as well as you don't miss any important information.

Once you are live our Merchant Success Managers will get in contact to you in order to better serve their Merchants. 

At the same time, your Suppliers Success Manager will help you optimize your workflow and grow the number of orders you receive.

Merchants will constantly review the orders they send to you. This is crucial to have an healthy marketplace.

Be sure to offer a great service and our merchants will be happy to work with you and refer your products to other merchatns.

uDroppy will keep randomly ghost buying from you. You won't know orders are from uDroppy.

Our team will monitor your services to make sure minimum standards are met.

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