What's Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is the most preferred payment method in many different countries. With uDroppy, you can plug-and-play our COD network, increasing your CR in those countries.

CR Increase

Not only in certain countries people don't have easy access to credit cards, but also trust is still a major issue for e-commerce. Cash on Delivery solves both issues by letting customers pay cash upon order delivery

Before, you had to find a software to manage leads and orders, to partner up with local fulfillment centers and COD enabled carriers as well as finding call-centers to upsell customers and confirm sales.

Forget it... uDroppy's plug-and-play solution saves you time and money

Manage multiple countries from just one dashboard
Integrates directly with local fulfillment centers and carriers
Access a qualified call center to upsell and cross-sell customers

Unleash the power of every sales channel


416,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers


2,700,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers


2,000,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers


249,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers

Our clients love what we do

We would have never been able to launch our new brand without uDroppy’s product customization feature. The entire team did a fantastic job to source, create and set up all the details of our new brand.


uDroppy is a great way to start a business without having to deal with all the difficult parts like shipping, payment and logistic, so that you’ll be able to dedicate your time to marketing and customer experience.


It’s really like: I handle the marketing, you handle the rest. And that’s why I love it so much. I have no initial risk, I am not the one in charge of the Warehouse, nor the logistic or the shipping. uDroppy and the Merchant Success Manager are there for it.


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