What's Dropshipping

The Dropshipping model represents the best way to enter the E-Commerce business. While it lowers your overheads, it gives you the huge advantage of being agile. You can learn fast what is working at a fraction of the risk of starting E-Commerce the traditional way, then scale limitless once you find the winning variables.

Check out the 3-simple steps to building a successful Dropshipping business:


The first step is simple. Chose a niche, define the products you want to sell, connect to the supplier and you are ready to go. The great thing about Dropshipping is that you don't have to buy the products first. In fact, the model works that way: sell first, buy later. While the traditional E-Commerce model needs you to invest in stock, warehousing and contracts, with dropshipping you can just plug the catalog inside your online store, sell, and then buy using a fraction of the revenue.

How can uDroppy help you?

uDroppy is the favorite Dropshipping platform of tens of thousands of Ecompreneurs. From beginners to experts, Dropshipping gets simple with us.

Find the products you want to sell, from the right suppliers thanks to our marketplace
Connect your online store and start importing the catalog
Get help from your Merchant Success Manager in order to get insights and strategies


The second step, once your store is up and running, is to market it. Nowadays you can leverage a lot of different marketing channels. You can do social media marketing, influencer marketing, PPC on Facebook or Google, make videos on Youtube or also create pins on Pinterest. The marketing channels and combinations are limitless. Be creative and you'll drive thousands of sales, per month.


416,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers


2,700,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers


2,000,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers


249,000,000 Monthly Active Users
and potential buyers


All the orders will be synchronized to the uDroppy ecosystem. You just need to login and fulfill all the pending orders. The process is simple and fast. Once the pending orders are selected, you pay the fulfillment and shipping and you are done. All the orders will be directly shipped to your final customers.

Remember, since you first sell and then buy, when you pay the fulfillment and shipping you use a fraction of what your customers paid you already.

We take care of everything

Once fulfilled, uDroppy will route the orders to the right suppliers which will ship the products directly to your customers.

You don't pay the products in advance, and you can literally sell worldwide.

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